Panasonic ZS15 vs ZS19 - Who Has Used Both?

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Re: ZS15 Sample Shots - Compare to ZS19 Shots Earlier

Erik Ohlson wrote:
Martysj wrote, in part:

As another reader has commented, if you really want to find out what the best these two cameras can do, you do need to bring out your tripod to make sure hand shake is not a factor. Your current sets are great too as it illustrates how effective is the O.I.S. on these two models.

IMHO, unless you are always going to be wrestling with a tripod, that would be a waste of time

Well, for test shots, of static objects, a tripod and 2 second timer (O.I.S. off) would be a good test of absolute image quality (detail noise/smearing NR , artifacts) when comparing camera's.

But, real world day to day shots, in varying conditions is another good way to test and compare.

I think one needs to use a camera for about 2 weeks to 1 month, then one will know how good a camera is and works...for 'them and their needs' .

Since it's a Travel Zoom, it will in most cases be used handheld.

True...and thus this test was good, as it's a 'real world ' test

The good news is, the ZS20 [I use a ZS19 - same thing without GPS] O.I.S. is extremely good, I like to say "unbeatable" but I haven't tried it in the really slow [1/4 sec to 1 sec] range.

Consider this, handheld , with a shoulder [not the camera hand] touching a telephone pole, on a gloomy day in light rain, iZoom, 40x :

Please note that the traffic lights are a full mile away, and the roadsign "Cougar Ct" is about 3/4 mile away, and is easily read.

Wow....impressive zoom range capability....might come in handy if one was lost and looking for Cougar Ct.

Here's a satellite map, with scale:

And, here is the scene from the exact same position, at full wide angle [24mm, effective FL]:

Pretty good OIS, as near as I can tell, and if one is still afraid of missing a shot due to camera movement, burst shots - full resolution, so fast the camera just "buzzes", will ensure at least some sharp shots. [I have often done this, and the burst shots are all good - none have been affected by camera movement.]


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