Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

Is it about Nikon or is it about Sony and the pixel sizes that their fabs are set up to churn out in volume at the moment.

IcyVeins wrote:

Nikon just launched a brand new DSLR, the 24 MP D3200, for a price of $699 with kit lens. This places it in a very awkward spot in the lineup, costing just as much as last year's more advanced D5100. The D5100 has a lower MP sensor, but the IQ will probably end up being about the same, and the D5100 has several advantages in functionality that over the D3200, not all of which appear on the specs list. In short, anyone who knows anything about photography should prefer a D5100. Which means, the D3200 is A HUGE F-ING WASTE OF A CAMERA! It is my conclusion that anyone who buys the D3200 is a) ignorant, b) a sucker, or c) really wanted a shiny red DSLR.

NIKON - if you're going to launch a new camera, you'd better make damn sure it's better than cameras priced equal to or lower. I would suggest looking at Canon for an example, but Canon hasn't launched any new sanely priced DSLRs in forever, so I'll use Sony as a good example. They launched the A57 for $799 in a kit, and it is virtually the same camera as the $999 A65 kit, except it shots 12 FPS instead of 10 FPS and has 16 MP instead of 24 MP (IQ might be better too since the sensor is new). So it's actually a better camera than the A65 but priced less. Nikon should have saved the new sensor for its high-end DX cameras and given the D3200 16 MP and priced it at $499, THAT would get people's attention.

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