A question to 5D MK3 owners.

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Re: A question to 5D MK3 owners.

joema1 wrote:

Tonkatoy wrote:

has anybody needed to microadjust their lenses on their 5D3 and if so could you post what lens needed adjusting.

On my 5D3 I used LensAlign Pro to evaluate the focus of my 70-200 2.8 IS II (inc'l 1.4x TC), 24-105, 17-40 and 50 1.4. I used the following adjustments:

24-105: W=+5, T=+2

50 1.4 USM: +4

70-200 2.8 IS II: W=+4, T=+4, with 1.4TC: W=0, T=+4

After doing microfocus adjusting, shoot real world test shots with and without the adjustment, and see if you can consistently tell any difference.

At these small adjustment levels I often cannot see any difference, which means the amount of adjustment in this case was not vital. Even if the focus is slightly off, the DOF still spans the target. So slightly micro-adjusting the focus is not necessarily improving the quality at the target plane, but moving the DOF zone slightly forward or backward to evenly bracket the target depth-wise. It can make you feel better but may not visibly improve things.

Also, it's easy to make a mistake during calibration and actually end up worse off. E.g, calibrating at less than the minimum recommended focus distance, which is 8 ft per 100 mm, or not manually racking focus before AF initiation.

Thank you very much joema, you in depth answer is very helpful.


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