Capture NX2 Speed Test v2.0

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Re: Testing NX2....

any links to setting up nx2 cache and temp settings?

M Lammerse wrote:
Hi Paul,

I'm a long time Capture user, and I use Capture NX2 since it's first beta.

Thanks for the effort. The speed of Capture NX2 depends so much on the version, the OS, software running in the background, setting up the temp and cache folders, the amount of images which are in the processing folder that speed testing the program and using it as a reference for others is very difficult.

Latest version of Capture NX2 runs very smooth on both my systems I use now - 15" Apple Mac Book Pro (model 2011) with 8GB RAM and installed on a SSD

It runs very smooth on a self build PC workstation (i7, windows 7 - 64bit, 16GB RAM, installed on a SSD)

What I do notice (and this has nothing to do with the D800 files, because it is as quick with the D3200 files I'm testing now) is that NX2 runs noticeable better on Windows based 64bit systems. It did till so far not crash once and processing is fluid and fast. I have to say that I use my workstation as a workstation, not as a movieplayinggamemacihne where I do also sometiems photo editing on and which has 90+ processes runnig in the background.

NX2 is memory hungry, you'll especially notice this when you do not setup your cache and temp folders wisely.


Paul Takeuchi wrote:

Since the D800 is the hottest Nikon now, I've decided to update my old Capture NX2 Speed test. The earlier test (posted mistakenly on the Nikon Talk forum here: ) used 5 Nikon D3 NEFs. Those files were 12MP and about 18Mb each. D800/D800E 36MP NEFs are weighing in around 40Mb, depending on bit depth and compression. So, a lot more taxing on CPU and storage.

My hope in revising this test is to help me and others learn how to tweak more performance out of our current systems and to aid future hardware purchase decisions in this new 36MP world. In the next post, I will describe the test and provide the link to download the needed files.

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