5D3 compared to D800, 1DX [PART 1]

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Re: 5D3 compared to D800, 1DX [PART 1]

Canon's decision to stay with a flash free body also meshes well with its 600ex-rt system. In the past when I was starting out I could work around the optical triggering limitations, but soon after with grids, dishes, modifiers and light placement, it proved to be too much and I and went radio. I would say a lot of the working pros or pro-sumers this camera is aimed for already has ventured well beyond optical triggering and on camera flash. These days, I grab a consumer level backup body or mirrorless if I am really expecting to use an on camera flash.

The silent shutter is also one of the biggest improvements ever. When set to Silent, in a museum with minimal chatter, you will not hear me take the shot. It is for all intents and purposes silent. You have to hear it to believe it.

commiebiker wrote:

people are missing the point of the pop up flash..it's most useful function is being able to control 3 sets of off camera flashes directly from the camera..super useful

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