Questions regarding Lens Blur in Photoshop

Started May 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Check out this demo

You might find this interesting.
Click any chess piece to bring into focus. You can do this with Lens Blur in PS.

4. Depth Map Source: Alpha channel

This is the only mode I understand, and was able to work with, successfully. But I still don't understand how to use Blur Focal Distance (I noticed that changing it from 0 to 255 has the same effect as 'Invert'.

If someone can shed some light, I'll appreciate it.

If you duplicated the background, added a mask and masked off subjects ranging from white, light grey, dark grey, black you can then use Lens Blur Depth Map/Source/Mask.

Clicking INVERT gives you no control over the blur on each subject and the Blur Focal Distance slider does.

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