Canon SX40 vs. Panasonic FZ150

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Re: Canon SX40 vs. Panasonic FZ150

I own the SX40 and the Nikon P510. I would like to hold the FZ150, but none of my local can seem to get them in stock. All of the superzooms have their strong points and their quirks. I wish we could get a composite of all the strong points. The P510 has a great LCD, the equivalent of my Nikon D90 and D300. The SX40 suffers from shutter delay. Most of the reviews I have seen give the nod to SX40 for image quality, especially for ISO of 800 or more. If you look at the SA40 photos in this forum, you will see some amazing shots. And via CHDK, you can get the raw format. I have it on my Canon A650IS andhaven't gotten around to putting on the SX40 yet. The much longer zoom length on the SX40 and P510 are important and very usable.

So no, you have not made a bad choice with the SX40. I own over 150 cameras, mostly film, and the SX40 is the mostfun of the whole bunch. Try getting the attached shot with an FZ150. Maybe you can, but I haven't seen any posted.

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