OM-D Sensor Dust

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Re: Don't agree

Pikme wrote:

I wouldn't do ANYTHING with what you are seeing. You'll find that m4/3 does best at larger apertures, so you probably won't see any of that when you are shooting. You are probably worrying about 'theoretical' dust at this point.

Go take some shots that include smooth areas (sky) at normal apertures (f5.6-f8) and see if anything shows up - at normal viewing, not extreme auto levels. If nothing shows up, then stop worrying about it and leave it alone.

You will always find spots using the procedure you have used, but they don't matter.

This is a brand new camera, it should not have dust or dirt on the sensor. I would return it for an exchange.

There's not just the smudge on the lower left part, also smack in the middle there are some specks. This much dust/dirt only builds up over time, or by heavy exposure. Provided the OP did not change the lenses next to a sanding machine (or something like that), this should not be there...

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