Is it just me or does Nikon have a tendency to overcook the red color?!

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Re: Is it just me or does Nikon have a tendency to overcook the red color?!

HeyItsJoel wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

It's not Nikon, reds are tough on most digital cameras. If you have a red object and need to keep the detail, you have to underexpose for the red channel (which often intoduces noise, unfortunately). It's just the nature of things. Use your histogram and shoot RAW!

I really think it is Nikon. I hate to bring up the competition but Canon doesn't have this problem when I compare side by side. I used to own a D5000 and a 30D. The 30D managed to keep the reds under control.

Maybe it's the Sony sensor in the Nikons? I don't know.

Doubt that. More likely it's differences in the metering (Canon tends to set somewhat lower exposures, which yield good JPEGs but don't maximize scene dynamic range as well) and also the JPG rendering (Canon tends towards a somewhat bluer, cooler image). Under balanced tonal conditions, the Nikon will give excellent images, but in strongly imbalanced conditions, such as shooting flowers, you have to underexpose perhaps a bit more than with a Canon body. But frankly, both cameras use the same type of sensor patterning (Bayer), both will suffer from channel blowout, and both require you pay attention to the RGB histograms.

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