Pentax 3rd party lens support - The elephant in the room

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Re: Pentax 3rd party lens support - The elephant in the room

AllBrands wrote:

audiobomber wrote:

Personally I don't give a crap about Tamron & Sigma. I like Pentax lenses.

Some serious problems with Pentax-brand lenses noted there. And Jeff Keller isn't the only reviewer with Pentax quality control issues - Klaus Schroiff at swore off doing any more Pentax lens reviews for a time because sample variation was so great and Pentax Germany kept telling him that problem lenses tested within specs.

Poor quality, short warranty and recent price increases are a bad combination.

Nothing that wouldn't affect other brands, too. The idea that Pentax lenses are less reliable than the competition's has no foundation. This has been gone over time and again here and elsewhere.

Why are you using Pentax equipment if you have so little regard for it?

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