5D3 compared to D800, 1DX [PART 1]

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Re: 5D3 compared to D800, 1DX [PART 1]

Alxy wrote:

Guy Lerner wrote:

  • I can understand why the D800 has a built-in flash, but I still don't like it. Popping the flash up and down just confirmed my opinion about any DSLR with a built-in flash - it looks and feels cheap. I was thinking the D800's flash could be different, given the level of camera, but no. It may be useful, but it really tarnishes an otherwise professional-looking camera. In fact, if the 5D3 had a built-in flash I wouldn't have bought it.

I stoppend reading after this point

That's your problem
I read it all.

Thanks for sharing.

Be aware when ever something is not wright about the D800 the rude replies are coming.
Even in a canon forum.

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