S100 video noise from AF

Started Apr 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: S100 video noise from AF

Bluto wrote:

I was wondering if mine was unique, but I see you are describing the same problem I have.

Thanks for the post Bluto - yes, your AF noise is identical to mine. Same type noise and about the same volume level. Its apparent in any relatively quiet environment, independent of lighting level (its not a low contrast AF issue). As someone posted earlier, it's likely that all S100's exhibit some amount of video AF noise due to the compact design. While not a big deal, I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned in any of the reviews or many forum posts on the S100 (at least that I could find).

The good news is that MF completely eliminates the issue, although it makes taking quick, spontaneous videos a bit less spontaneous.

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