Canon 60 f/2.8 vs. 50 f/1.8

Started May 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 60 f/2.8 vs. 50 f/1.8

I have both. My 60 is fairly old (2006), and photozone reports suggest newer ones give slightly sharper borders. For some reason my 60 gives slightly blurry borders at infinity with a polarising filter even at f7.1, but the 50 f1.8 is fine from f4 with the same filter. I pefer the 50 for landscapes for that reason and because it has zero lateral CA. The 60 has a bit of that. I take a lot of flat-field macro shots with the 60, and find that its focus field is slightly distorted even at f8. It probably isn't a brilliant copy.

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