Monochrome M - Silly Idea?

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Re: more like a silly question

supposing, instead of a panchromatic sensor, they decided to go back to ground zero and had am ortho or ordinary colour response sensor. No....that would be too silly.

But, on an almost serious note, it would appear, from the way B&W is talked about, that there are some people out there who don't realise how hard we worked to find an emulsion, a developer, a procedure of increasing or decreasing film speed and eveloping to suit; just to find the combination which gave the contrast, sharpness, resolution, allowable grain size for the particular job in hand. B&W isn't just B&W, it was far more complex than colour where you just shot a roll of Kodachrome and sent it off to be processed and the only real problem was colour temperature. If they (Leica) did introduce a Black & White only camera, could it offer all the varibles needed to allow truely creative B&W photography or would it be down to post-processing, in which case, why not stick with a colour sensor and allow us to shoot the odd rolll of Kodachrome.

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