I sent my Fuji back :-( part 2.

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Re: I sent my Fuji back :-( part 2.

If it makes anyone here feel better - I actually PURCHASED an x-pro1 today. Yeah I know, ridiculous huh. It should arrive in a few weeks.

There is so much negativity about this camera online, and it was hard not to feel this thing underwhelms... Though every time I'd go for "another look" in the camera store nearby it simply amazed. The look, feel, operation, even the AA focus was great. Maybe I'm used to the quirks of the x100, but the XP1 just feels & looks perfect to me - especially after lugging around a 5d for work, photography as "play" looses a lot of it's charm.

If someone told me just a few years ago that there will be an affordable (within reason), manual style, large-ish sensor, AA-filter-less, interchangeable lens camera in the compact style of a rangefinder - I'd have laughed in their face. Thank god for Fuji.

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