Cheap IPS monitors vs. TN

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Re: Cheap IPS monitors vs. TN

graphic_chris wrote:

I'm not too worried about viewing angles. I'd be content with the viewing angles of some of the TN panels, knowing that I sit directly in front of my monitor.

I've seen the video comparisons between IPS and TN on Youtube that show a big difference in colors. But these comparisons are all using IPS monitors with a wider gamut.

All? I think not. A simple IPS vs TN search brings up a handful of standard sRGB comparisons and one U2410 wide gamut comparison.

The links to the still images I posted for were for two standard sRGB gamut monitors.


NewsyL wrote:

The larger the monitor and the closer you sit, the more likely that you will notice the gamma/color shift on the left and right and also top and bottom.

Are you talking about a color shift along the edges of the monitor? Isn't that usually a problem of uneven back-lighting? Is this more prone in TN monitors than IPS?

Yes, along the outside edges if you sit too close. No, it is not a back light issue. Not relevant.

Laptop screens are pretty much the worst variant of TN panel on the market. Ever notice with a laptop how there is a dark band along the top and bottom of the panel.

What you will also run into with lower cost monitors (i.e. with TN panels) is cheap electronics processing the image before it gets to the panel. On the panel you may find excessive banding in the image.

Most of the current budget IPS monitors use a 6bit + Advanced Frame Rate Control (AFRC) system to simulate an 8bit color depth. It seems to work pretty well, better than the FRC system used in budget TN monitors.

I'm not sure where you are sourcing your costing from but from what I have seen there is little cost difference between a better quality TN monitor and a budget IPS model.

I'm not saying a good TN is unusable, just that for image editing an IPS is better and more enjoyable in the long run.


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