Photography Liabilities

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Re: Photography Liabilities

Each school, YMCA, town organization, youth sport, beach club, etc will handle this differently, but many have some sort of 'opt-out' option for parents when they register their children to participate. Many times, parents will opt out without knowing what their decision means. Our school allows parents to elect to not publish any info anywhere, including the school telephone directory. When we contact parents to explain the opt-out, they will often elect to publish info in directory but may still retain the 'do not publish' restriction for photos. Again, when I would contact the parent and explain that I had a photo of the entire first grade in Halloween costumes, they would agree to have child's photo appear in local town paper, but if I hadn't contacted the parent and obtained agreement, I would not have been able to submit the class photo to the paper.

You may encounter the same limitations even if you arrange a contract with the sponsoring organization. As a parent volunteer, it was easy enough for me to know who each child was and track the 'do not publish' list. It could be more challenging for you as an outsider.

I am not trying to be discouraging at all, but just offering insight from my ten plus years of volunteering with schools, clubs, YMCA and town sports leagues. Good luck!

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