D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 but th

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Re: D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 bu

VadimOm wrote:


95% of the pictures posted on this forum can be taken with 95% of dSLRs available on the market today This means, when you see somebody posting an AWESOME shot made with D800, 9 times out of 10 you can replicate it rather easily with D700, D3, D3s, D3x or D4. In fact, 8 times out of 10 you can probably replicated it with D300s and 5 times out of 10 you can take the same shot with D60,D70, D80 or D90

Some of the differences you might see with D800 (comparing to D300s) would be improved DR, improved high ISO, shallower DOF, higher resolution (if you blow up your shots few feet by few feet) and may be slightly different tonal curve. None of those would show up in the shot you posted (other than shallower DOF, which as others commented is noticeable).

I'm a wedding photographer and plan on picking up D800 as well.

1) I do not expect to see any differences in 95% of the photos I shoot. The 5% I do expect would be the high ISO shots when I push beyond IS3O3200 and print larger than 32x16.

2) The only (other than high ISO) advantages of D800 over my current D700 I'm expecting to make use of will be

  • more aggressive cropping capabilities (mainly for album design)

  • dual card slot

Once again, in 95% of my work, I expect to see no difference between D700 and D800 files.

With that said, you are doing absolutely nothing wrong. D800 advantages (or disadvantges) over your D300s will show up in some aspects of your photography, but definitely not all.

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Vadim, I appreciate the input and nice work on your site

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