Anyone check out the Pentax K01 samples?

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papillon_65 wrote:

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papillon_65 wrote:

Where the OMD trounces the K01 is in functionality, native lens choices, focusing > ability, evf, articulating LCD, style etc etc. THe OMD has a sensor that is easily "good > enough" for the vast majority. The interest in both models on here is a clear > barometer of how they will, and are, selling.

With K-01 based on K-mount, I wonder how do you figure that OMD trounces it in native lens choices??

Because it does, and when I say native I mean lenses that are designed for fast cdaf focusing, not lenses that are designed for pdaf but can be mounted and focus slowly.

I am sure OMD is probably a lot better in AF but with focus peaking I posit that K-01 trounces OMD in "focusing ability".

Well good luck focusing longer telephoto lenses without an evf, even with focus peaking, it's not 100% reliable by the way, I have it on the NEX 5n, great for some things but not foolproof. The K01 needs focus peaking because it doesn't have an evf, the OMD doesn't (although it would be nice).

The value of EVF, articulating LCD, style, etc. are in the eyes of each user. My E-P2 doesn't have EVF (and I don't intend to use one) or articulating LCD and I still consider it a nice camera to use. Just saying...

This is true, but when it comes to being attractive to a prospective buyer I think it's fair to say that the OMD is a much more compelling offering, unless slightly better IQ and Pentax lenses float your boat.

It is meaningless to say that OMD is a more compelling offering to a prospective buyer without qualifying what buyer you are talking about. For some, it is OMD, for others it is K-01. Everyone has different needs/wants and different idea of aesthetics. I used manual lenses on Oly PEN and GH2 and on K-01. K-01 wins hands down for me. I don't care about PDAF vs CDAF because I see no reason to focus on K-01 any other way than to use focus peaking whether the lens supports AF or not. So lens options for K-01 from my POV are vastly superior and - also very important for me - cheaper.

I love both my E-P2 with Lumix 20 mm (have it exclusively for travel) and K-01 and both perfectly address my needs/wants. For me as a perspective buyer, OMD isn't compelling as I see no need that only it can address.

OMD is a good camera. For someone. And K-01 is a good camera. For someone else.

For other people it is Nikon or Canon. There is no singularly superior camera.

Best camera is just a camera you like to take photos with. That's all that matters.

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