Should I return my SD1M

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Should I return my SD1M

Well, I am starting week 2 with my SD1M and of course would love the system to work for me, yet I still have some nagging issues.

Results from my 50,70 and 150mm Macro 2.8 lens have all been very good BTW.

Nag #1 Can I live with SPP on my Mac Pro, I can handle the slow sped but the crashing and the save times take for ever after i have worked on a few images. Probably a memory leak, who knows.

Nag #2 Can I wait for Raw Developer to come out?? Who knows when that is going to happen.

Nag #3 Lastly, I have tried 3 different zooms trying to get something below 50mm, and all have been duds IMHO, the 17-50/2.8, 12-24, and 17-70mm.

Now I am sure there are good copies out there, but personally I would rather stick with primes. The first 20/1.8 I had I though was excellent except the upper right hand corner got very fuzzy, so I sent it back to amazon, I ordered another one from Sigma USA, got it this last Friday and overall it was not as sharp as my first copy, especially at F8,

the foreground in front of me is very fuzzy, where as my first 20mm foreground was tack sharp.

Again I can play the buy the lens try it and return it, but that gets old really quickly.

Back to one of my earlier posts, "Is the SD1M the poor mans D800"

With 3 primes and the 14-24 zoom, my original purchase from Sigma was about $5200.00 not cheap, but much cheaper than a similar D800 setup, and on top of that it may takes months to even get a D800/E because they are so hard to get right now.

So I am faced with making a decision in the next 2-3 days keep my SD1M or return everything back to Sigma USA for a refund and get in line for a D800/E and spend the extra money.....

I must say it is so true in life "You get what you pay for"


Nikon D800 Sigma SD1
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