First Impressions of 25mm 1.4 lens

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Re: First Impressions of 25mm 1.4 lens

Maybe you're trolling, but I'll take the chance that you aren't.

Brushing up on your technique would give you more improvement than buying the 25mm did. I'd certainly push the ISO up or open the aperture before I'd try taking a picture of a living subject like a dog at 1/30th of a second. I find that even the smallest body movements of my pet ferrets can show up at that slow of a shutterspeed even if you manage to hold the camera steady. Plus the highlights are totally blown, f/6.3 is beyond optimal for the lens unless you need the extra DOF, and the details seem to be crushed by heavy-handed wide-radius sharpening combined with jpeg artifacts. Getting optimal exposure, focus, and jpeg setting (if you're a jpeg shooter), make a far greater difference than what's visible between any two lenses, especially lenses as good as the 20mm and 25mm.

Even shooting RAW instead of jpeg could give you a greater improvement than buying the 25mm did. I don't know about the GX1, but I find my GF1's jpegs are far inferior to what it can produce with RAW + Lightroom. And it's less work as well once you make some good default develop settings for the camera and a couple of presets for different situations.

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