rocketfish ND filter

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Re: rocketfish ND filter

Amazon's prices are generally pretty competitive, check for sure, but my guess would be $25-30 for a multicoated Hoya and maybe B&W, ND filter. Perhaps a touch more for a CPL. You could possibly do better with a private party used one or by googling around the big camera discounters, but probably not elsewhere. That would be for a 58mm one, 77mm go for about double that but with rings, obliviate the need for 52, 62, 68 and 72mm filters (if you'd need/want them).

If you want to take really long exposures (ie several seconds in bright daylight) you may want to consider B&W's 1000x (10 stop) filter. It's very much a specialist tool but it might be just what you're looking for. Just keep in mind that you probably won't see much through the lens with the filter on and I'm pretty sure metering doesn't work so you'd have to chimp or calculate exposures. It's a little more than twice the price of the other filters (consistent at any size). It color casts, but I think it's probably worth the extra processing.

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