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A different opinion....

Really, it doesn't matter that much. You'll get a lot of people saying they swear by primo brand X or Y, but they all work about the same.

I've had a couple of cards go bad on me, one a Sandisk and one a Kingston; both went bad within a few days of starting to use them. I have never had a generic go bad. Luck of the draw, as far as I'm concerned.

You do need to pay some attention to the speed of the card, some will exaggerate their speed rating a bit (so read the reviews at a place like Amazon), as long as you stick with class 4 or greater they'll do fine for normal photography. For HD video or if you like to take a lot of bursts of shots (eg sports) go for class 6 or above. I buy class 10 generics (here in the States) from Amazon and Micro Center for around a dollar a gigabyte; nothing could induce me to pay inflated prices for what is essentially the same thing, labeled with "Sandisk".


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