What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

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Re: What I need & want is the best IQ available.

carlk wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

carlk wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

I need and want a camera that produces the best IQ available because I am personally going to be viewing these images daily for the next 20-25 years or until I drop dead. Like HDTV, I can't watch a regular cable channel any longer, I can't step backwards in my DSLRs.

Interesting comment. I have many 13x19 inch framed prints hanging from my 10D and the last thing I think of when I look at them is gee, I wish I took those with a camera with more MP's or DR.

In 2009 I entered the tri-annual Racine Art Museum's Wustum Museum's "Wisconsin Photography" exhibition juried by Rod Slemmons who is the executive director of "The Museum of Contemporary Photography", Columbia College, Chicago. I had to submit a portfolio of 10 images all which were from my 10D. I was fortunate to have 2 selected for the exhibition with one purchased by the museum for their permanent collection and used in promotions for the exhibition. Interesting that no one inquired what camera or lens I used to capture the images and whether they were RAW, JPEG's, or how they were processed. Apparently Mr. Slemmons felt they stood on their own merit.


Wow you still shoot 10D!

How would you derive that from my post?

10D has been gone for years but I still miss certain qualities of the CRW files and how CS rendered them. IMO ACR did a much better job with Canon CRW's than it does with CR2's.

I know you're not. That was just a sarcastic comment. I did not know you'd fall into the trap so easily. Now I feel bad about it.

Now I get it. I'm supposed to know what you meant regardless of how poorly it's written. Intent is not easily conveyed by the written word and that's why they developed emoticons as help for the less skilled so you might want to consider using one next time as you did above. If you'd done that in the original post I'd have known what you meant regardless of how poorly you expressed it ;).


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