What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

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Re: What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

Again with the breaking down every point with a response. Do you do that just to irritate people?

What "lower level" am I operating at? I think it is important to note that you're the one who first criticized my images and not even directly to me. I've never made a comment about any of your images as IMO that's like going after a candidate's family in politics. My veiled threat was an empty one because it's simply off limits as there are no absolutes in art and if one doesn't like someones work there are probably others that find it worthy. You know, that "eye of the beholder thing". If you'd studied photography as an art form you might understand the artistic aspect more and worry less about the nuts and bolts.

Me thinks you should just stop before you get even further behind.


ultimitsu wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Just like Bill famously did not say - "no one needs more than 640K of RAM."

You are not alone indeed, Bob is with you on this one, a quick glance of his pbase gallery reveals tons of pictures with blown highlight, often in areas you would want detail. but who are we to judge how should he enjoy his images? He loves going around saying he never saw a need for more DR than his cameras had.

Interesting comments to say the least and why didn't you address them to me specifically? Why would you bury your criticism of my work in a post to another person? You and I have had several exchanges recently that provided you with the opportunity to say this to me directly. Are you that much of a coward?

If I lowered myself to your level I would call you "that much of a blind".

Please provide examples of the tons of pictures with blown highlight in my PBASE galleries. Certainly there are some where they're converted RAW files run through DPP and converted to JPEG for a quick posting for some reason such as to show AF performance, lens sharpness or detail but I'd like to see the tons that you refer to especially where one would want to show detail.

they had been posted, right where our exchange took place.

Have you ever had formal study in photography? My guess would be no as demonstrated but your limited understanding of it by what you espouse on these forums. I hope you know that it's considered OK to have a deep black and a pure white in a photograph. It's really up to the photographer and everything in the image doesn't have to show detail.

Arh~~ the "if you dont agree with me then you must be uneducated/unintelligent" card, LOL. One would hope that that is not all that someone would get from "formal study in photography"; but one would also hope that having had "formal study in photography", someone would know the importance of keeping detail where it counts. such as underbelly of a BIF, or bandana in a facial shot, for example.

After you provide the examples I'll then link photos from your gallery page here (or maybe I'll start a new thread) and we'll critique those too ;).

No thanks, because I on the other hand never over-confidently claimed I got more than enough DR from my camera and I do not link my gallery in every post I make. but if you feel the urge to critique my images as a form of revenge then I guess I cannot stop you. After all, you are operating at a particular level that I can not lower myself to.

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