Battery for G3, GX1, etc. DMW-BLD10

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Re: Battery for G3, GX1, etc. DMW-BLD10

tt321 wrote:

m43er wrote:

If you mean a cardboard box yes, I bought a DMW-BLD10 package from ebay (seller DSTE battery) and the charger came in a box with 2 batteries inside.

No I meant a plastic box in which the battery could be stored, like most Sony batteries have. I suppose Panasonic meant to have the batteries loose in the camera bag without protection for the contacts etc. and the independents followed suit...

I know I've had quite a number of camera batteries that have come with a base box protector which at least covers the contacts.. but on reflection, I think it's likely that in those cases the contacts were actually on the BASE of the battery where it is perhaps more prone to casual bad contact than where the contacts are on one edge that is less easy to get touched by something in error.

But my GX1 to my knowledge never came with a battery cover of any kind - even the original in-box one.. so I doubt if even a genuine seperately bought battery will have one either.

I bought a spare from an Ebay dealer and it came with a Panasonic box and the leaflet that Pannie usualy put in the box.. alas that Seller only seems to have had a modest few and has now sold them - certainly not on Ebay now.. but I'm sure there must never be a contact cover or surely the original in-camera-box one would have it.

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