Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

It is not a blunder. I assume the pricing is intentionally aimed at the "uninformed" buyer. In my opinion it is sad because at the price point of the d3100 I would have bought a d3200 for my girlfriend but with the d3200 costing the same as my d5100 that is a no no. In terms of comparison, a T3i offers even more functionality than a D5100 at 18MP (I chose the D5100 because of Nikons Lens offerings) and cost just 5 cents more!!!!

In light of the worlds current economic situation I continue to be very very unimpressed and in some instances appalled at the pricing policies that many companies continue to implement. Its no small wonder that so many small companies continue to tank so rapidly (at least where I live), and some big ones are not too far behind!

Anyway that said the DSLR market is still very popular. When I bought my D5100 last year DSLR sales at that particular camera shop were going exceptionally well. The entry level DSLRs are doing quite well and I think that is why Nikon is not being bashful in raising their entry level DSLR price!

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