Hope GH3 to be a real improvement over GH2.

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Re: 1% better ouput in only 4:3 cost USD 1,149

Condor wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Condor wrote:

Condor wrote:

By the way. Did you buy E-M5?

No I didn't buy it yet but I most likely will within the next month or so.

So, you don't own the E-M5.

Do you know that Panny lenses do not work as well in Oly bodies as they do in Panny bodies ? And vice versa?

Hmm. Did you know that some Pany lenses (those without OIS, like three of the six I have, the 7-14, the 14, and the 20) actually work better on Oly bodies than on Pany bodies thanks to IBIS?

How do you know? You don't own the E-M5.

Or have you seen real world E-M5 vs GH2 handheld side-by-side comparative samples using any of the 3 lenses mentioned above, in which case, please share them with all of us.

Do you know that there are airplanes that can travel at supersonic speed? If yes, how come? You don't own one.


Not surprised by now that you didn't get it.

You just shouldn't post on Sundays. Some very important organ in your body does simple not work well on those kind of days, You know, inside your skull.

No, not that warm gas you use to store there.


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