Who's sick of D800 post in a Canon forum?

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nitts999 Regular Member • Posts: 201
This is classic

"Troll" is becoming the most overused word in existence. On this board is apparently means "anyone with an opposing viewpoint".

So let me get this straight:

This thread is entirely about whining about posts/threads they don't like. Rather than ignore the threads, the author prefers people not post them at all.

To anyone who disagrees with that premis, your answer is:
"hey, if you don't like this thread, why are you here?"

EXACTLY! Why post yet another thread whining like a little spoiled child about how not every thread fits your needs.

If the original poster (and yourself) followed your own advice, this entire waste-of-bits thread wouldn't even exist.

Instead we get more and more off-topic threads dedicated to how off-topic threads are killing this boards. It's all so meta ....

GaryJP wrote:

nitts999 wrote:

GaryJP wrote:

This is a forum, if you don't want discourse and conversation, don't go to places that host discourse and conversation.

It's a forum with a topic. If you prefer another topic, why be here?

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