7D peripheral correction with Tokina 12-24mm II lens

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Re: 7D peripheral correction with Tokina 12-24mm II lens

Sailor Blue wrote:

You don't say what program you are using, but I'll assume you mean Canon Digital Photo Professional. Since that is a Canon provided program it isn't surprising that they only put lens profiles for Canon lenses in the program. The list of lenses is on page 60-61 of the DPP manual, which is found on the EOS Digital Software Instruction Manual disk.

If you have access to either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom then you can check their lens corrections list for your lens. If your lens isn't included in the Adobe lists then you can create your own lens correction profile using the free Adobe Lens Profile Creator. You can add this lens profile to the list in Photoshop and/or Lightroom.


Another possibility is to search for a lens profile that someone else has already made available. You can search for your lens profile using the Adobe Lens Profile Preview software.


Wow your really missed the question here didn't you!

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