Metabones EOS to Nex-7 now available & on the way!

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re: about MF-assist toggle and buttons configuration of N7...

I think both camera and accessory manufacturers need to decide which use-case below they are focusing their value add-on.

This is very simplistic; I am no photo or video expert. This is also for my understanding Add/amend what you see fit.

1) Static Photographer (Studio/tripod/static subject)
Need to be able to compose, then focus. Speed not an issue
a) Set lens to AF - Focus manually using peaking/ no mag.
b) Set lens to MF - finetune focus with mag
FW ver 05 would work for this, although clunky.

2) Dynamic Photographer (no tripod/run&gun/kids game/pets/street/action)

Need to be able to compose quickly, and focus quickly. There may or may not be time to fine-tune. Small aperture may be needed to keep DoF large.

Set lens to AF - Focus manually using peaking/ no mag - wil work with FW ver 05. - at small apertures.

Fine tuning not easily possible, as flicking switch on lens will move camera too much.

3) Static Videographer (with tripod/monitor/mic/film set/static subjects)

Same sort of scenario as Static Protographer, except the need to pull focus dynamically and accurately while filming.

This can be sort of achieved with tripod, loupe/monitor, but involves getting extra bits. This is also a controlled environment, so setting changes are not normally a big issue.

4) Dynamic Videographer (no fixed tripod, mic, loupe, monitor/street/family/wedding(?) action and dynamic subjects)

Handheld video with manual focussing is tricky, and so the solution needs to be quick and silent.

Using lens set to AF - Focus manually using peaking/ no mag, works for quick focus, but focus fine-tuning requires switch to be worked, causing additional movement in handheld camera, plus loss of composition view until the mag disappears.

Adding the functionality you describe (quick way to switch peaking/mag on/off) would be the solution.

Now if Conorus/Metabones focus on 2 and 4, by far the most common uses of a NEX-7 I would imagine, then they would realise that the functionality they could provide by doing something like what you describe would put them ahead of the filming (if not necessarily photo) experience using a 5D Mk II 7D! Just worried it may need some cooperation from Sony on the AF/MF modes available.

From a business perspective, having a good alternative to Full Time Manual on Canon camera would do wonders for Conorus sales! If the adapter just lets users have their Canon lenses on NEX cameras, but doesn't beat the Canon FTM experience, pros with the gear will not be convinced. Sony should be helping Conorus for this reason, rather than make them reverse-engineer everything!

jpr2 wrote:

...pls. see my recent post in another thread:

the coupling of MF-assist with FP (focus peaking) is something new
in FW v.05 on Conurus adapter (mine is v.03) and I'm still analyzing
all consequences of such decision by Bo-Ming - to tell the truth I do
prefer the previous way of keeping MF-assist and FP functionalities
controllable separately , like in the v.03


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