Nikon D800 , Amazon order cancelled

Started May 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
TwoToneTony New Member • Posts: 14
Re: Nikon D800 , Amazon order cancelled

Yep, me too. After I'd sold my D700 to fund it. That teaches me a lesson for sure.

At first I thought of selling all my Nikon gear and defecting, just to show them but common sense soon prevailed!

But you know what?

It's destiny. The video was only going to be a 'toy' for me and I shoot low-light and know I can depend on a D700 for that.

I've been using a D300 while I wait and am so desperate to go back to full-frame that the D700 I must now buy again (!) will be like a new camera to me.

Besides... it's the first 12 megapixels that matter the most!

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