D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 but th

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Re: D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 bu

Nippondenso wrote:

Actually from the OPs samples, it is pretty easy to see the deeper DOF of the D300s, where the objects in the background are in sharper focus, giving the still-life a more cluttered look.

The other advantage would be the same shot at high ISO (let's say you didn't have a tripod with you). High ISO shots from the D800 (ISO 3200 and up) are going to be significantly better and more usable compared to the same from the D300s.

I have a D3100 that I use as a small walk-around camera and at low ISOs files are excellent even compared to my D800s. But at high ISOs, there is no comparison,

where with the D800 you could easily set it to Auto ISO and be happy with all the images. In other words, there is much less penalty for shooting at high ISO values.

The other big one is the unprecedented DR of the D800 makes files extremely malleable in Lightroom where with RAWs you can add and subtract light and have the image hold up really well.

Sorry for my prior post where I quoted but didn't add my comments. Just getting used to using this forum.

Thanks for your input. What I am seeing coincides with what you are saying. I was nicely surprised by the high ISO performance. I will make some comparisons with DR and Lightroom editing. If it's as you say that would certainly be worth a lot.

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