generic battery for D5100 ?

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what DSLR's are you referring to ?

I've used generic batteries in all my previous Nikon bodies including the D40, D40X and D80 but it seems like the D5100 and D3100 (D3200 most probably also) are different beasts when it comes to batteries. From the research I've gathered so far, no generic battery will work on those. You might be the one who has to do some research. If you are absolutely sure that a Chinese copy will work on the D5100, please name it.

I also have Sony HX9V and I had to buy a genuine Sony as generics don't work. I think we are seeing a new trend where camera manufacturers want to force users to use their own batteries at indecent prices. I'm hoping hacked generic batteries will be available soon.

Dohmnuill wrote:

Thank you, bojcars, for the gratuitous advice! Would four (4) years of using cheapo generics in Nikon dSLR's qualify as useful practical research? And no trouble at all in that time. Scores of thousands of shots and countless recharges. Lots of travel (hence a variety of indifferent mains supply - 110V to 250V - to the chargers) included. Also, in-car charging.

Perhaps you are new to dSLR's? A few months perhaps? I'll have a word with my batteries and tell them bo thinks they should be long deceased, years ago :-). You know, kaput, finis.

From where do you get your expertise in these matters and how does it trump 4 years of useage? I'm quite willing to make changes when good advice is given, but I rather think you might not be that source. No offence intended.

As for 'making' a camera by screwing on more cheap plastic bulk, well, everyone to his own, of course. And what about the cheap generics that come within the el cheapo grips; you don't think the cheapos have genuine Nikon in them, do you?

Here's some gratuitous advice - get a couple cheapies, $20 max for two, and keep them for your next expedition. Mine have survived and worked in sub-zero, and in central Australian heat. That can't be all baaad..

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