Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Why I am considering a D3200...

Given the seemingly very good IQ of the new sensor ...

It's not the number of MPs but the performance ...IQ that is very promising...

Danel wrote:

Makes perfect sense to me. I just looked at the D3200 manual. It looks like a nicely > featured low end DSLR to me. This camera isn't trying to replace the D7000 or the > D90 so sure, it isn't going to have all the features of those cameras. Nikon, like most > makers, uses features to distinguish between model levels. The idea, which should > be obvious, is that if someone isn't happy with the feature set of the D3200 then > one should look up the model line to find the camera that gives them what they > want/need. The correct comparison to the D3200 is the D3100 or D3000 or the last > couple generations of the bottom of the DSLR line Canon/Sony. Against those > cameras, the D3200 appears to stack up well IMHO.

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