Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Why I am considering a D3200

Tom W Williams wrote:

I've had two low-end bodies so far, a D40 and a D3000, the latter after I broke the former. The D40 was great, and had enough D50 engineering left in it that it was considered a Nikon blunder in the user's favor.

When I bought the D3000, everyone with an opinion hated it. It's served me well for two years, despised as it is by all the feature snobs because it lacked two D40 strengths (low-light performance and 1/500 second flash sync). Of course, the feature snobs didn't care that it added picture control, vertical and horizontal viewfinder grids, 11 (versus 3) autofocus zones, and manual focus hinting. But all of those features were significant improvements, for me at least.

Since I'm already happy with the D3000, I saw no reason to rush an buy a D3100. Besides, Nikon hurt my feelings when they dropped the IR remote from the feature list.

So here comes the D3200, which adds another megapixel bump (useless -- unless you crop your pictures or photograph distant subjects), Expeed 3 processing upgrade, and a nearly inexhustible multi-shot buffer (Don't know how the latter compares with the 3100). Oh, and as an act of contrition, they restored the IR remote feature.

This seems to me to be a pretty nice upgrade, especially for us generation-skippers who crop pictures.

Makes perfect sense to me. I just looked at the D3200 manual. It looks like a nicely featured low end DSLR to me. This camera isn't trying to replace the D7000 or the D90 so sure, it isn't going to have all the features of those cameras. Nikon, like most makers, uses features to distinguish between model levels. The idea, which should be obvious, is that if someone isn't happy with the feature set of the D3200 then one should look up the model line to find the camera that gives them what they want/need. The correct comparison to the D3200 is the D3100 or D3000 or the last couple generations of the bottom of the DSLR line Canon/Sony. Against those cameras, the D3200 appears to stack up well IMHO.

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