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re: about MF-assist & focusing ring's auto-zoom

Not sure I understand the use-case.

If I switch to AF (using the physical switch on the lens), I have the ability to use peaking without magnification. (I am on firmware v5). Yes, I have to toggle the switch again and then move focus ring to enable magnification, which is a pain as you move the camera (unless on a tripod) AND move the lens setting.

You are just after a way to do selectively invoke magnification alone, right? To which I would agree.

If I am missing something else, perhaps you could bear with me and give me a bullet point list of things to do that would make me go 'oh yeah'...

I have to admit, I haven't got the right balance with the NEX controls - I have to keep changing the function of the custom button from 'AF/MF Control' to 'MF Assist' whenever i go from E-mount to legacy lenses. I generally use the button inside the AEL switch, as it is easier for the thumb to get to. Still hunting for the optimum control setup however.

I don't see how DMF could ever work if there is no autofocus capability specified in adapter? And if EF lenses use PDAF(?) then it may never be possible?

jpr2 wrote:
Perhaps you didn't notice, but it isn't so simple at all - the toggle to
AF disables MF-assist completely, so there is no way to invoke quick
magnification unless one toggles back to MF (but then focusing ring
brings zoom up, etc. ad infinitum :(); also DMF is not possible with
EF lenses + Conurus adapter;

there was quite a lengthy thread devoted to this issue (and even
with the August participation Conurus' electronic designer, Bo-Ming):

As far as I know the proposed involvement of the AF/MF switch of
EF lenses is not yet implemented - to alleviate this problem and to
bring increased functionality;


slaybells wrote:

One thing to note: someone on this forum complained of a 'bug' that the zoom is always enabled when the focus ring is turned. You can disable this easily by assigning a button to AF/MF Select in the 'Camera' menu. Simples!

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