Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Good sence

tbcass wrote:

Actually that is because of a drop in sales in their TV-electronics divisions. Their camera division is is doing very well. A 1 year drop in stocks rarely means the company is going out of business BTW unless the company doesn't do anything to correct their problems.

I went back, based on what you said, and looked at their 5yr chart. It actually looks worse than the 1yr going from $50 to $15. Based on there declining market share in the camera division, I can see them selling off portions and perhaps simply keeping a sensor division and a smaller P & S line, in an effort to make the company a little leaner. In any case, a new photographer looking to select a system for the long haul, would be well served to stay away from Sony now. It would seem just good sense to steer towards the big two as the gap in actual IQ, regards modern SLR's, is so tiny.

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