Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Nikon is brilliant

The average consumer desiring a DSLR for themselves or as a gift wanders into the local Best Buy. Now they have a choice of 3 entry level Nikon cameras, D3100, D3200 and D5100. Each camera presents something to consider, low price, more bells and whistles or more mpc (megapixels per camera). Most consumers figure that more is better. The others will opt for the less expensive option or want the D5100 because of the articulating LCD. Most of these folks may have viewed DPreview for the camera reviews and some general discussion but most could care less about the pixel peeping rants here in these forums.

Nikon has been designing, building and selling cameras for many years. I cannot recall the last time (I have been shooting since the 1950s) that Nikon made a major blunder in connection with their line of cameras (although they have a few mistakes regarding lenses).

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