Anyone check out the Pentax K01 samples?

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It's just like DPR said

The differences between the E-M5 and the top of the APS-C mirrorless class are too small to let that dictate the choice. Couple the E-M5 with a bright standard lens (25mm f/1.4) and it is the same or better than any of the other cameras (although Xpro-1 may be an exception because it has the 35mm f/1.4 lens).

So it's now time to focus on issues like available lenses, operations and ergonomics, accessories, build quality.

As to the samples, they really are quite close. In some areas the K-01 has less noise, but it almost seems like some kind of RAW noise filtering is applied at the cost of some detail. We know it's the same basic sensor as the NEX-5N (which looks very similar to the E-M5), so if the K-01 is a bit different it must be down to what Pentax is doing with the signal.

Robertj_298 wrote:

I don't believe the K01 looks to be as versatile as the M-5 but the image quality looks to be better to me .. especially high iso

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