Engadget reviews EM5: " a blurry mess "

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Re: Interesting

Davidgilmour wrote:

" Take it to the ski slopes, for example, and the E-M5 will clam up, only occasionally capturing a sharp frame. We experienced the same during a rainy day beach shoot with that 12-50mm kit optic zoomed all the way in. When the camera works, it's peerless, but you won't have to wait long before stumbling on a scene it can't master. The same is true of video capture: you'll want to steer clear of continuous autofocus while shooting in snow, rain or any dark or flat scene, lest you end up with a blurry mess "

Wasn't this camera supposed to be an AF miracle?

This is the first report I see of problematic AF, so who knows? Maybe it's just user error, a faulty unit, or whatever. But it is true that in low contrast areas, CDAF has a tough job.

There is also plenty of reports around of the AF working correctly and swiftly, even down to very low light. It would be interesting to hear user reports on this.

"Keep a beginner's mind"

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