Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

On the opposite - they did a very cunningly smart move - photographers know "truth" about pixels and "more is not always better". Amateurs and consumers think the other way around "more is better". 24MP in low end body at low price point with big name on it - can't go wrong. How many people here asks 3200 or 7000? Even here where facts live!

Consumers would frown upon Nikon D3s (as some D5100 frown upon D700) based on MP count alone, it makes them feel good, value for money (apart from actually being one). It may take more convincing why higher models cost more and are better value (features) but nobody knows Nikon's roadmap for future models, in particular what D7000 successor is to bring. 3100 was the odd-ball itself with MP count somewhere between D90/300 and 5100/7000 so predicting what the 5200/7100 would bring pixel count wise is questionable (everyone THINKS should be more than 24MP, I reckon slightly different readout and tuned - MP the same).

3200 with its 24MP is confusing those thinking going MILC route for sure - and that is what Nikon has as the target. Though "upgraders" may feel a bit ripped off.... but in consumers world there is always "newer and better" than yesterday's model.

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