Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

Blunder as in what it offers apart from the sensor yes, it's a very simple camera and IMO not worth the £650 price tag not by a long shot.

In terms if ill informed buyers who think more pixels makes them a better photographer then I can assure you most people are suckers for that. So it will sell be in no doubts about that and sell well.

I can't blame people for that most simply don't know or understand that there is a lot more to any camera than just pixels. It's BS marketing at work and it's a real shame to see Nikon play the same crippled crapware card and just shove lots of pixels on there and ramp the price up. Sad thing is it will work. I would add this cut down simple stuff might have worked for the D40 as it really was "cheap" D3200 is far from cheap at it's release price

As for the D5200 I have no idea (nor does anyone) what the strategy is there. Personally I think the D5200 should be the next D90 with a real step up in terms of functionality and controls. I can't see how a 24mp a swivel screen and a few other minor bits is going to cut it for this model.

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