Why is DXO taking so long on the EM5?

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Re: It's an unbelievably fantastic sensor...

Louis_Dobson wrote:

"On screen, small prints" is irrelevant to me. I do large prints.

I've yet to see anything from the Fuji that makes me think it will make more attractive large prints than the OM-D.

The only camera I have seen that has a significant advantage is the D800, which has exceptional res (purely thanks to its exceptional pixel count).

Louis - for large prints both cameras sould yield comparable results. I've yet to print anything from those cameras - waiting for my colormunki. There is however a certain 3-d "pop" in the fuji jpegs. The tonal range seems wider as well. For the kind of shots you take (very well might I add) the Fuji seems a better choice. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the Oly raws.

I'm torn between going all in in m43 land (12, 25, 50f2 and 12-60) vs a XPRO-1. The D800 is still months away from delievery...

Louis btw - how do you go about setting the dpi in-camera? Equal to printer native resolution (epson r3000)?

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