Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER? Possibly but

Why would Nikon save the new sensor for the high end DX, it sIQ may (or likely is not), although very good, be as good as many want for that.

Many seemt o want high ISO low noise (D3s-like quality) in the new high end DX.

That 24MP may be high res, but may not match the expectation os some, unless the better processing engtine will counter that.

I suspect the high end DX will have a different sensor.

As for the 3200, the market at the low end is getting very competitive, with the new offerings from Miro 4/3.

Yes, the M4/3 bodies are more expensive than D3200, but the lenses cheaper. And while it lacks a lot of fast lenses, the lenses are more than adequate for beginners and there are a couple of fast primes.

At the beginners level, it is now not just Canon etc that is the competition, it is Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung.

Both Panasonic and Samsung, make their own sensors.

I would go as far as to say that the traditional makers (apart from Oly)are going to be in serious trouble at the low end DSLR market.

Yes, mirrorless EVF is not quite there, compared to OVF, but the entry level segment may not be very aware as to that, or care.

And that may be the only downside , aside from lens choice, for M4/3 to DSLR. Look at the latest IQ samples from the OM D M/43.

Things are changing in the entry level segment.

So, you are prorbably right. That pricing and offering does not say much. A nice camera, but so are all the others.

If the M4/3 guys come up with some nice quality f2.8 and f4 zooms, at decent prices, that will make the competition even hotter, current M4/3 fast primes are comparatively cheap.

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