So much DR and still no picture on that special moment

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Re: So many threads about D800 by canon fanboys

GaryJP wrote:

lali wrote:

Seriously, get a grip, apart from being a lame reason to create a thread you and the other fanboys are spamming the board with D800 threads much more than the "nikon trolls"

It's a daft thread, but give it a rest. The Nikon trolls, paid or not, are inserting themselves into virtually every thread, often claiming to be dual system users who just happen to not have a good word to say for Canon, so they don't need to start any.

I probably look at the Nikon forum less than once a week. I don't understand why you guys spend so much time here. "Short man in a bar" syndrome?

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Nikon Troll me !!!!!!!
Read my topic again.
I just pointed out that all brands have issues and not only Canon.
And that there is more to a DSLR then only DR.

I guess it is hard to read.
Enjoy Photography

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