Anyone using non L Canon lenses with Nex-7?

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re: yes, EXFIs are pretty detailed...

...all lens info is preserved, including lens name (which means that quite
a large lens database must be loaded into Conurus FW, as the names in
EF & EF-S lenses are encoded as a hexidecimal number by Canon) and
this extends even to III-rd party lenses (Sigma, Tokina, Contax N) -
in the samples from the 10-22 above the exifs were left intact;

the only difference btw. reading the EXIF for the same lens on EOS
and NEX bodies is the way IS-presence is shown: "OSS" instead "IS",


PS and the lack of AF is not a big deal - certainly a lot less than I
expected before purchase - for me it gets noticeable on non-IS
lenses above, say, 150mm; like 200/2.8L, or 400/5.6L;
the 70-200/4L IS had started to be pretty hard to focus only after
I've put 2x Mk II TC on it.

SQLGuy wrote:

Yes. The Metabones/Conurus adapter allows the NEX to set aperture on EF lenses just like it does on E-mount lenses. It also enables IS, for lenses so equipped, and I think it enabled EXIF data from the lens as well. No AF, though.

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