Nikon D800 , Amazon order cancelled

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Re: Nikon D800 , Amazon order cancelled

It sucks for sure. But you should not feel like crying.... its just a camera. Yah, I know that YOU already know that, but maybe it will help to be reminded how unimportant this is in the big picture. I've been guilty of getting too worked up about something I wanted to purchase, but in the end... it was just a thing. I'm still waiting on my D800 and sometimes i think my lust for this camera is unhealthy. So lets keep this in pespective and we will be just fine. Nothing to to get too upset about.

On a positive note. In talking with some retailers I have been told that D800s are arriving in larger quantities, so maybe you can re-order with someone else and get the camera sooner than you think.

Good luck,

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