Wideangle for Video.

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Re: Wideangle for Video.

I'll try my best to answer a few of your questions.

First, I'm a Canon user, so I'm using different gear, however, most of the principles should be the same.

Widest I shoot with is 17mm (albeit, this is on a 1.6x crop factor body).

I find wide's harder to focus, much like you have said. The problem with wide's is that they naturally have a huge DOF. My 17mm, even at F4 has a pretty big DOF (where as my 50mm at F4 has a much smaller DOF so is much easier for precise focusing). However, this is all part of what you get with wide's. Use that to your advantage and try to get a nice large DOF.

Lastly, you ask about VR. Well, the Canon equivalant, IS, does work when shooting video with wide's. It works even if you are just handholding the camera and not moving it much. It will help to smooth out the little shakes and movements that you will inevitably make (unless you are sturdy as a rock). For slow pans it shouldn't be a problem, mine has never been. As for fast pans, I'd avoid them anyway if possible as VR wont be the only issue there.

The best way to experiment though, shoot a scene handheld with VR on and then the same with VR off. If you personally see no benifit, then you probably don't need VR. But if the lens you want has VR, might as well use it. I've never had VR (IS) ruin a handheld shot for me because I left it on.

But any form of stabilisation will be less obvious when shooting with a wide anyway. I can get pretty stable footage even without IS on when shooting at 17mm. That said, my current wide doesn't have IS and I still miss it.

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