Cheap IPS monitors vs. TN

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Re: Cheap IPS monitors vs. TN

graphic_chris wrote:

Assuming I'm using a colormunki to profile the display, are there any COLOR advantages still to getting an IPS??? I understand that the viewing angle will be better, and the colors may be better out of the box, but I don't care about that since I sit right in front of my computer and will calibrate the monitor.

I went to BestBuy today and compared a cheap LG IPS235v IPS monitor to the other TNs and couldn't see the difference in colors. Am I crazy, or do the only real color advantages in IPS come when you go wide gamut?


The larger the monitor and the closer you sit, the more likely that you will notice the gamma/color shift on the left and right and also top and bottom.

To see the visual difference between IPS and TN tft panels viewing angles go into the TFT Central reviews and open up a window for each of these and scroll to the Viewing Angles section and click on the image there. Then Alt-Tab to flip back and forth and the difference should be obvious.

IPS ...

TN ...


The are also a number of YouTube videos showing the difference.

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